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Behind the Name

Wotif is a travel website that was launched by Graeme Wood in Brisbane, Australia in March 2000. From its humble history online in a garage office, they now have established offices in Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. To add to that, Wotif had been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since June 2, 2006 after first seeking a listing around 2005.

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Wotif, according to Wotif reviews, is Australia’s favourite online travel destination where travellers can reserve hotels and more in Australia and other destinations.

Background, History, and More Information

The site provides information for the coming three months – one of their logos even says, “28 days of great deals!” Wotif had been owned by Expedia since the latter’s agreement to purchase Wotif for $657 million was approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on October 1, 2014.

Wotif’s Managing Director since November 2014 has been Daniel Finch who had previously been Deputy Director Asia & Executive General Manager Asia for the Wotif Group. Finch had also held leadership and director positions for various companies in Brisbane and in Australia.

What Users Have to Say

There are many Wotif reviews, though sadly, most of them are about negative experiences with the service. On productreview.com, for instance, Wotif was rated with only 1.9 stars out of 5. One of the Wotif reviews shared that they still deducted funds from the customer’s credit card after she cancelled her booking. Other Wotif reviews detailed similar experiences: this time, her card was deducted from twice and her flight was not booked.

Their Official Website

The website is in bright green and blue and is designed like other travel websites. A search engine will search through a number of options for flights, accommodation, packages, activities, and car hire. According to Wotif reviews, they give you access to millions of rooms, hundreds of airlines, and thousands of destinations. The package or flight+hotel option is offered. The latter means more savings. A lot of other discounts on flights, hotels, and packages are featured on the page.

Wotif Reviews official website

Wotif operates like other online travel agencies: it gives Members Only Deals, and an offer to subscribe to their emails which can alert travellers on exclusive offers. What make it a little different are their low deals and their information online. At the bottom of the homepage, visitors can learn more about different destinations or read about Wotif’s Mystery Hotels.

However, I find the website’s presentation rather confusing. They display the low deals, but according to Wotif reviews, their end has lousy customer service and makes deductions even after cancellations.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL: https://www.wotif.com/
  • Contact Phone: +61 2 8228 1670
  • Contact Email: https://www.wotif.com/service/
  • Head Office Address: Australia (location of service launch)

Wotif Reviews Australia

Warning Before Use

Wotif Reviews brand iconWe discovered that Wotif works like a bait-and-switch. Their users share many bad experiences about Wotif’s credit card deductions, no refunds, poor customer service, and misleading photographs. People had been fooled into booking a disappointing hotel. Overall, I’m disappointed about Wotif’s reputation: “what you see is not what you get,” writes one of the Wotif reviews.

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