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Travel and accommodation are inseparable.  To get each right depends on the quality of the other. In this respect, it’s important to discover a vacation hotel, no matter how hidden, that is memorable enough to make your travel valuable.

Our Welcome Beyond reviews look at the travel site. Check out what makes this website special; learn more information about Welcome Beyond, here:

Background, History, and More Information

Welcome Beyond Reviews 2017 Co-Founders

Welcome Beyond Co-Founders Oliver Laugsch and Chris Laugsch

Welcome Beyond is a travel website where people can book unique accommodations – from boutique hotels to vacation rentals. Users won’t have to pay a booking fee with them. “Exclusive” properties are what Welcome Beyond offers. They maintain their standards in quality, only accepting properties that meet them and that stay true to the kinds of experience they are looking for.

Welcome Beyond is the brainchild of two Berlin-based brothers: Oliver and Chris Laugsch. Both utilised their passion for unique abodes and travel and lifelong interest in their chosen fields to come up with Welcome Beyond. Oliver Laugsch is a designer and art director educated at the Art Center College of Design; Chris, a former manager who had worked in finance, is from the European Business School in London and Santiago de Chile.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

To add to the company’s profile, one of the Welcome Beyond reviews by Travel+Leisure ran, “Welcome Beyond: This rental company is the brainchild of two brothers from Berlin, and is a testament to their passion for architecture and design. They hand pick every property, currently available in 38 countries around the world. You can rent everything from the unusual (say, a yurt in Varen, France) to the magical (a historic castle in Portugal or a modern chalet in South Tyrol, Italy).”Welcome Beyond Reviews 2017 collectionMost of the Welcome Beyond reviews were from publications that had featured the company’s properties. There weren’t any Welcome Beyond reviews from customers, so we’ll rely on their official website to come up with our own Welcome Beyond reviews.

Their Official Website

Welcome Beyond Reviews 2017 official website

When you book an accommodation with Welcome Beyond, you won’t need to pay a booking fee and you have their best price guarantee. With the latter, they will refund you the difference if you find a better price elsewhere.

Their properties can be searched by your interest or by property type from their homepage. Since the Laugsch brothers are artistically-inclined, their photographs are both large and small, clear, and usually feature an interesting focal point.

Interested individuals can sign up for Welcome Beyond’s regular newsletter to keep up to date with their latest properties or special offers. Welcome Beyond also has a travel blog, from which you can join their newsletter and read about their “hand-picked paradises.”

Welcome Beyond Reviews 2017 hotel

You can follow Welcome Beyond on the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. For more information, updates, and offers about Welcome Beyond, view their Twitter account here.  

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Though there were a number of Welcome Beyond reviews on their pages, these were from features about them in a number of magazines and other publications. After checking out their site, I thought that as a resource for finding some places, they may be exclusive and limited. Again, the lack of Welcome Beyond reviews doesn’t help.

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