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Brian Sharples

A computer programmer for travel industries and his wife started this travel site back in 1995. Mr. and Mrs. David Clouse had been in this kind of business for 14 years prior to the commencement of VRBO. Basically, they were already veterans of vacation rental services before VRBO. They themselves are vacation rental owners who make an investment with their second homes. This idea was extended online, so that customers can easily access their latest deals and advertisements. Results online actually come from over 140,000 vacation properties.


You might be wondering what does VRBO stand for? It’s for “Vacation Rentals by Owner.” On November 13, 2016, VRBO had became part of HomeAway, another vacation rental search engine. Through that, the one who manages VRBO is the CEO of HomeAway: Brian Sharples.

How Does VRBO Work?

Once you are at VRBO, this gives you a notion that you are actually on TripAdvisor: similar theme colors and web design. But, they are not actually related nor partners. On VRBO, what you see is what you get; it promptly provides an option to search for properties in a specific destination. The flashing image adds more to the humor of the vacation rental site.
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The middle part of the page basically teaches one how to book or use their official site with three simple steps, which are the following: search properties, contact a few owners, and book your stay. We tried making a search, and the results page is not difficult to understand. Customers can filter the results by price and booking type.

Another good thing about VRBO is they have a mobile version of their PC services. The travel app of VRBO is free to be download from iTunes and Google Play Store. Another key feature of their web page is searching using their map, shown at the bottom part of the page. They also have a list of popular destinations people can check on.

VRBO Reviews of Customers

We tried looking online for VRBO reviews and we are not happy about the feedback and comments we found. Actually, to explain it clearly, they are complaints. For a popular vacation rental site, this is what we didn’t expect. Consumers even considered VRBO a carefully-established travel scam.

One reviewer even said “VRBO does not address problems; My rental was cancelled for no good reason three days before my departure for New York. VRBO did nothing to help me find another place. I just had to make all these long distance phone calls from Canada because VRBO would not help me.”

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 http://www.vrbo.com
  • Contact number:            1-512-684-1100 / 1-303-680-9280
  • Head Office Address:     3801 South Capital of Texas Highway, Suite 150
                                            Austin, Texas 78704 United States


If you are going to put everything together from pieces, VRBO is actually a trusted vacation rental site. However, they should polish their customer service since this is the root of the complaints shown online. In the long run, if this issue gets unsolved, this might really affect the credibility of VRBO.

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