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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Vienna”? Don’t lie to me by saying “Austria,” because I am sure you were thinking about sausages: those canned sausages. Moving forward, Vienna International Airport was established in 1938 and was initially constructed as a military airport facility. The first runway was built in 1959 and the second in 1972. The first terminal in 1992 and the control tower started operations in 2006.

Today, we’ll be looking further more into Vienna International Airport (VIE).


One of the best airports in Europe sure has plenty yet neat facilities. To work your way around, help desks are found at the airport, one of which is in the arrivals hall. If you are worried about staying fresh after connecting flights, showers are located only in the Jet Lounge. VISITAIR Center is an interactive media table that provides the overview of the airport. Chapels are in terminal 1 and children’s play areas are in terminal 3.
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VIE is tolerant of sleepovers since the airport is operating for 24 hours. Stay connected with their free unlimited WiFi. Mobile charging stations are found in gate areas B, C, and D. Several shops and food establishments are located throughout the airport, but the schedules vary depending on the stores.

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Since the airport is well-connected by train and buses, travelling via public transportation won’t be a problem as well. But, the easiest way to the airport is by taking the A4 Airport Motorway, since it leads directly to the airport’s terminal. Travellers can also access the airport via the B9 road.

Location – Traffic – Service

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It’s the largest airport of Austria; to get there first, you need to know where it is even situated. Vienna International Airport is located 16 km southeast of Vienna and 57 km west of Bratislava. It serves as the hub for Austrian Airlines, Niki, and Eurowings. The airport provides flights to domestic and international routes with its 2 runways and 4 terminals. In 2015, annual reports show that Vienna International Airport had successfully accommodated 22,775,054 passengers which made a 1.3% increase but not as much as the 2.20% increase in 2014.

Airport/Terminal Map

Vienna International Airport Reviews and News

After scanning through 171 Vienna International Airport reviews, the airport got a rating of 4/10. It’s quite bad mathematically, but to be honest, it’s better than last year’s. VIE recently is getting a lot of positive comments. The reasonably spacious airport had gained several recognitions with its development and willingness to improve through the years.

The most recent feedback posted was dated on the 20th of September 2016, where she actually said:

Vienna International Airport features a modern and elegant design. It took me less than 20 minutes from exiting the train station beneath the airport to sit down and relax in Austrian Airlines’ Schenge lounge due to a very efficient baggage drop and security check. Likewise, all areas of the airports are very clean and the complimentary wifi works perfectly.”

VIE had been working on several projects to meet the requirements of their passengers and modern air travel, one of which is the runway project. They mean to expand their network; it’s a must to start constructing a third runway as well. But, the project might probably be completed in 2025. The terminal is still  undergoing refurbishment and is expected to be finished in 2017 at the least.

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:         VIE
  • Phone Number:     +43 1 70070
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat, Austria


Surprisingly, the continuous effort of VIE was rewarded. This year, Vienna International Airport ranked up to 29th from being 33rd last year. The airport is somehow similar to the canned good:  once it’s out, you’ll get to see its real value. From the country rich in cultural heritage and famous for Alps and coffee, surely, their airport had made history as well.

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