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Via Reviews brand logoVia is a travel portal company from India that was launched on July 28th, 2006 by its former name “” and which was incorporated in Feb 2007. With its headquarters in Bangalore, Via, according to Via reviews, has presence through 20,000 partners across 2,400 towns and cities of India, making it one of the most revolutionary businesses in India’s travel industry.

In fact, Via’s partner network’s concern and primary focus is the selling of Via’s products and services to the travel company’s customers and the utilising of sales tools to accomplish this.

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Via Reviews CEO

Via CEO Swaminathan Vedaranyam

“Take Complexity Out. Bring Quality and Affordability in,” is the business philosophy of Via, according to Via reviews. Since January 2013, the CEO of Via had been Swaminathan Vedaranyam. Prior to his leadership position in, Vedaranyam gathered managerial experience with TT Services and Sabre Holdings, and his education involves Commerce, Airline Marketing, Advanced Logistics, Business Accounting from Delhi University.

In Via’s Bangalore headquarters can be seen more than 650 of their employees with all of India’s major cities also having the presence of local sales executives. Via had extended their services abroad with more than 100 people working across the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries. According to Via reviews, the Via company reports that more than 4 crore customers had trusted them for their travels.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Via Reviews userOn SiteJabber are 5 Via reviews which overall rated with only 2 stars out of 5 due to the most recent complaints and negative Via reviews. There were actually many problems about Via’s services as they’re being called scammers online by reviewers.

In one instance, Via refused to help a customer who had problems with the information on his booking, while another says, “But when I got the information from customer care that this is Cash Point not Cash Back. told me that these point may redeemed while next booking. But when I was making another booking, was surprised to see that only few amount was showing against Cash point. I would like to informed you that this is not Cash back offer. Just cheating with customers.” These both display Via’s inept customer satisfaction practices and serve as a warning for us not to book with Via.

Their Official Website

Via Reviews official websiteTheir official website is typical of most travel companies we can see online, and Via’s is in a red, white, and green design. Personally, I don’t see anything that special about Via as to why I should be booking with them instead, though the main information are showing throughout the homepage.

At the middle of the screen, you can search for either hotels or holidays, of which you can choose from more than 200,000 hotels. To its right are showing flashing features of the latest travel offers and their prices. Meanwhile, simply enter in your email address to receive Via’s deals right into your inbox.

For more information, updates, and offers about Via, view their Twitter account here.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (080) 67 81 81 81; (080) 39 41 41 41
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: +91 (080) 40433011
  • Head Office Address: Level 4, Block B(Magnolia), Manyata Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Nagawara, Bangalore – 560045, India


Via Reviews brand iconVia had not made a good impression on Via reviews: people’s real experiences reveal that Via does not extend their hospitality to customer care.

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