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Sabre, Inc. is the parent company of TripCase. Basically, TripCase is a product of one of the leading travel technology companies. TripCase began in 2007, and had launched their iTunes App Store debut in 2009 and 2010 for the Google Play Store.TripCase App Reviews-Sabre

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How Does the TripCase App Work?

TripCase is actually an app where travellers can organize their itineraries and keep them tracked and connected to their entire trip. Since TripCase is under Sabre, they have several partnerships with other online travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and other travel services engines. This means, TripCase doesn’t just help a traveller to organize their trip, but also gets the best deal offered which was already analyzed by other sites. Great experience is what they promise.

TripCase App Reviews-app-iconDid you know that in 2014, TripCase had already managed 30 million trips?

Customers who own a smartwatch can also receive flight alerts by TripCase and it’s free. Travellers can also share their trip itineraries to others: the same details and live updates as they see.

The free itinerary management app also has a web page wherein it teaches us how to use TripCase. They simplified it to three steps: Sign Up, Add Your Trip, and Download The App. Support options are also located on their official site, similar to the option to get the latest updates and some travel tips customers can read on.
TripCase App Reviews-pageAs of now, TripCase had managed over 30 million trips this year, since 110,000 companies had already chosen TripCase and 40 airlines integrated with TripCase.

TripCase App Reviews of Users

The travel organizer had received an almost 5-star rating from their consumers’ feedback. Though, what really caught our attention were the current TripCase app reviews posted. Customers say that the travel app needs an upgrade, while few commented on the features of TripCase on smartwatches which are malfunctioning. But, the most relative cases were customers’ trips are not syncing after downloading the app. What made it worse, TripCase never got back to them.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact Email:        
  • Head Office Address:       3150 Sabre Dr Southlake, Texas 76092 United States

TripCase doesn’t have direct number where customers can call and ask queries. The same goes for a fax number. However, if you’ll check on the official site, TripCase does have a Help Center, wherein customers are assisted on how to contact their travel agent, reach TripCase, and get answers as to why TripCase members keep getting emails.


TripCase obviously had a great start in the travel industry; not everyone has the free time to organize their travel plans. TripCase helps them to freely organize their itineraries, however, they should now focus on developing/upgrading their mobile services, since their customers are starting to be dissatisfied over the unresolved problems.

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