Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants
Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants-flight-attendant
To spice up our Monday, we will provide you an interesting topic that you surely want to know. Remember the popularity of the “Singapore Girls” in advertising the Singapore Airlines? They might not be part of this list in this article, but I guess you are having an idea now to where this conversation is heading to. Of course, “Flight Attendants”. Do you want to know which airline has the most attractive flight attendants? Well, you are on the right page now, in this article, we will be talking about the Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants

#5 Adria Airways
Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants-adria-airways

A pleasant appearance and a friendly smile. These beautiful ladies will greet you with a genuine smile. Adria Airways is from Slovenia, that makes their flight attendants Slovenian. The airlines had promised that their crew will let you just sit back and relax, since their professional flight attendants will ensure a pleasant atmosphere on board and be rest assured that every passenger is in safe hands throughout the flight. Plus, Adria Airways had an overall score of 7/10 on Skytrax and these flight attendants are the main reason why passengers reconsider travelling again with them.

#4 Emirates
Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants-Emirates

To be a flight attendant of Emirates (Airline) the lady should be dynamic and passionate, friendly and empathetic. Just imagine, how are the crew on board? Actually, there’s a cosmopolitan mix of young professionals from over 140 countries that collectively speak more than 60 languages. They are not just employees but also travel-hungry explorers and forward-thinkers. It means the crew of the airline doesn’t just offer service over travel but also comfort through a pleasant journey. There was even news that a flight attendant was repeatedly punched by a passenger but never punched back till the passenger was held accustomed. See how dedicated they are?

#3 Cathay Pacific
Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants-cathay-pacific

The beauty of the Asian is always formidable yet attractive. Cathay Pacific is an airline headquartered in Hong Kong, China. But that doesn’t mean that the airlines’ attendants are all Chinese. The crew are a mixed race of different Asian individuals. Come to think of it, the Philippines has the record of the most population of beautiful young females. Definitely, Cathay Pacific has Philippine ladies on their team. Their natural hospitality always leaves their passengers satisfied. Cathay Pacific reviews also show that these flight attendants are attentive, efficient and presentably neat.

#2 Etihad
Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants-etihad

Their team had won the award last year as the “Middle East’s Leading Cabin Crew” from World Travel Awards. Did you know that being a flight attendant of Etihad Airways requires that your communication skills, customer orientation and English language skills are advanced and excellent?  But of course, it is just actually the minimum requirement, because the airline is really careful on maintaining the reputation that they are world-renowned for. Just so you know, Etihad Airways is one of the top airlines in the world, with the best first-class worldwide and one of the most attractive flight attendants.

#1 Aeroflot
Top 5 Airlines with the Best Looking Flight Attendants-aeroflot

For our number spot, the image evidently tells it all. Flight attendants of Aeroflot gives you the impression that their hair is back to the 1950s. In this picture reference, it actually reminds me of the new queen of pop, Taylor Swift, in her music video “Wildest Dreams” where her appearance was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. Going back to the topic, Aeroflot is Russia’s flag carrier. These Russian flight attendants were recognized as supermodels on board, even several Aeroflot reviews are mainly talking about the stewardess. When it comes to the sexiest, prettiest, most attractive, most good-looking list of flight attendants, Aeroflot will surely be there. You can even check this for reference, click here.

I hope I was able to educate and entertain you in this article. Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the island of Borneo, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being,, or

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