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Priceline is an America-based travel site which traces its roots back to 1998 with Jay Walker. The travel site was known for its Name Your Own Price feature, wherein customers were freely pricing their preferred destinations with their budget 一 this may be the origin of the travel company’s name: put your price on the line. The feature actually made the growth of the company. However, in 2000, Mr. Walker left the company and Paul Hennessy was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and now, Priceline has over 100,000 employees worldwide.
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How Does Priceline Work?

The features let travelers search, compare, and book hotel reservations, flights, car rentals, vacation packages, and cruises. The bottom part of Priceline just shows access to their mobile application, the option to Name Your Own Price, and a list of popular destinations. But, if you’ll ask me, I would prefer the old interface of Priceline.
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Priceline had once promptly shown a picture of 81-year-old American actor William Shatner on their main page. As Priceline’s celebrity endorser, Shatner has Kaley Cuoco, a 21-year old actress, as his co-star in endorsing the travel site. They once acted as father and daughter for a commercial.

Priceline Reviews-mobile-appIt’s because Priceline has redesigned everything from the layout, travel app, and marketing, transforming Shatner from The Negotiator to a faceless narrator. These services can also be used on mobile phones with their travel app as “Priceline Hotels, Flight & Car” available for iOS and Android users.

The new online and offline advertising campaign includes Facebook mobile targeting that’s personalized as consumers “learn of their friends’ life moments from status changes,” Priceline states, and a Super Bowl pre-game ad.

The idea is to deliver more streamlined mobile services in a bow to evolving consumer behavior in the form of shorter but more frequent trips that are often booked last-minute on smartphones.

Priceline Reviews of Consumers

There are a lot of Priceline reviews and most are showing complaints. actually gave Priceline a total score of 1 out of 5 based on 2,271 Priceline reviews. It’s evident that Priceline is one of the untrusted travel sites for it’s still accumulating negative comments and do-not-recommend feedback, one of the major reasons why I wrote a review about Priceline.

One recent review posted by a customer actually said:
“I was impressed by the agreement for no interest within 12 billing cycles, but just after 2 months, here we go. Interest show up and charged me. It’s not a good credit card to get.”

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            00 800 7742 3546
  • Head Office Address:     800 Connecticut Avenue Norwalk, CT 06854, USA


In a nutshell, Priceline was one of the recommended travel sites by consumers. Again, that was in the past. While this online travel agency had the courtesy to try new creative ways to improve their services, not all changes are for the better. Some loyal customers want what they had been used to be booking on.

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