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Peach Aviation Reviews-peachPeach Aviation was initially known as “A&F Aviation,” and was founded in February 2011. When they actually applied for an operating certificate, they also revamped the airline to “Peach Aviation.” Did you know that the one who designed the livery of Peach Aviation was Neil Denari and James Wilkie was the one who designed the uniforms? The low-cost airline of Japan is now located in Kensetsu-to. The airline made its inaugural flight in 2012, and had marked one of the successful regional startup airlines within a year.

The regional airline has a fleet size of 18 Airbus which service 17 destinations to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The airline has plans to add more networks to Seoul, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, Sapporo, Guam, and Saipan. This was planned by their CEO, Shinichi Inoue.

The inaugural flight took place on the 1st of March 2012 from Kansai to Sapporo. Just so you know, Peach has been one of the successful low-cost airline startups within a year.

Inflight with Peach Aviation

Peach Aviation Reviews-cabinPeach Aviation actually first caught our attention not by word of mouth or a friend’s recommendation. We discovered them through random advertisements. Peach Aviation is good at marketing strategies; they know exactly know how to promote their airline. What do we expect from an airline of Japan? Customers are actually well-informed that flying with Peach Aviation gives you the taste of Japanese culture and traditions. Meals are carefully selected and cooked; you can actually see their inflight menu on their official site.

Moreover, Peach Aviation reviews online are giving a lot more information we need. On Skytrax, the airline got a 6/10 rating. Though, what bugs us was the recently posted feedback were actually negative. This has also  been viral: someone had actually written a separate article about the airline. She made a 890-word rant and complaint over Peach Aviation; click here to see the blog.

Official Website

Peach Aviation Reviews-pageWe pretty much predicted that the official site is in pink. Maybe because peach is close to pink. How I wish they would actually update or develop their web page in time. Some text are no longer readable; apart from seeing the option at the left hand side to search and book flights, the rest of the features are pretty much vague. Though, on a positive note, Peach Aviation provides us information of the latest news happening within the travel industry; this also includes changes and updates regarding their services.

Peach Aviation doesn’t have a mobile app, and there’s no information yet if they have plans to do so.
Peach Aviation Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            00 81 3-6302-8991
  • Facebook:            
  • Head Office Address:     Kensetsu-to 5th floor, 1-Senshukuko-kita, Izumisano-shi,
                                          Osaka, Japan 549-8585


In 2014, a pilot shortage happened and this resulted to cancellation of 2,000 flights. This had affected the standing of the regional airline. But, no worries, because Peach Aviation is now back in shape. The Japanese low-cost airline is one of the few airlines you can trust flying with while in Japan. In 2015, they were awarded with “Asia Pacific Low Cost Airline of the Year,” and this year, they are on the 78th spot on the world’s top 100 airlines.

Have you flown with Peach Aviation? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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