Orbitz App Reviews

Origins and Ownership

Orbitz App Reviews brand logoOrbitz is an online travel agency or company that offers hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and destination activities to their customers as they make it their mission to make travelling “one of life’s greatest pleasures.” We see from Orbitz app reviews that Orbitz is owned by another travel entity: Expedia, Inc., putting both among the most well-known travel companies in the world.

Orbitz is keen on helping their customers save big as well on all their bookings, and with their Rewards or loyalty programs and Rewards Visa® Card, they further extend their efforts towards the greater savings done exclusively via a smartphone or tablet, through the Orbitz app. The Orbitz app brings all the features of the website onto one’s handheld, and ensures that he cost-efficiently books the travel deals he wants.

Services and Features

Orbitz App Reviews mobile deviceThough the Orbitz app is meant to be the mobile version of the official website, the two actually don’t flow seamlessly in terms of their appearance, though both utilise a black and purple or blue background. We can see from the app’s layout that they’re uninspiring and even look unreliable.

However, with the Orbitz app, users can save as much as 40% off on hotel rooms only through the app. Begin earning Orbucks every time you book a flight, hotel, or package through the Orbitz app, as well, which are instantly redeemable. Like other travel apps, you’ll be updated in real time about any of your travel’s changes and important information or announcements.

The Orbitz app is available for use on iPhone, Android, iPad, and most tablets. You can download the Orbitz app from the App Store and Google Play, here in this link from their official website.

Reviews of Customers

Orbitz App Reviews app userHowever, the most recent Orbitz app reviews we saw online on Google Play Store were all actually negative Orbitz app reviews and complaints about this company’s app. Many of the reviewers shared that their end messed up their plans, or that the app wouldn’t allow them to search for their hotels or flight+hotel options, or save traveler data.

Others, meanwhile, simply call it a poor, terrible, and inferior app, when one of the Orbitz app reviews wrote, “Not happy I used to love this app, but since the new updates it’s way to confusing trying to plan, set up, or find anything i need. I liked the older set up much better.” Overall, the Orbitz app was really cluttered and unprofessional, especially when you had to start using it.

How To Reach Them?

Do Not Use This Travel App

Orbitz App Reviews brand iconThe Orbitz app has a lot of room for growth, though they should have applied their so-called values to the creation and conceptualisation of their app from the start. They’re merely raising people’s hopes without having the structure and user-friendliness that their mission needs; so far, I think that they’re too problematic to function.

If you have anything to add to these Orbitz app reviews, feel free to leave your comments here below!

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