Michelin Travel App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Michelin Travel App Reviews 2017 travelPeople use travel apps to get the guidance they need whenever they travel. Since travel apps first became popular, many variations and additional services and features had been made available. The Michelin Travel app traces its origins to Michelin’s foray into travel services. It offers an all-around experience and the name that’s been trusted in transportation for years.

Check out our Michelin Travel app reviews for more information about this app and what its services can do for travellers.

Services and Features

Michelin Travel covers countries and cities in Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, and the Middle East. The app also has suggestions for 3-day itineraries in Paris, Rome, New York, Barcelona, London, Venice, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Explore 30,000 points of interest across thousands of cities in more than 80 countries using the Michelin Travel app.

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You can use the Michelin Travel app to discover sights and attractions. Filter some of these by unique criterias. These points of interest are rated one star “Interesting”, two stars “Recommended”, three stars “Highly Recommended” to help you get started. If you’re looking for travel ideas, filter them according to your interests whether you’re looking for art and culture or nature.

Once you open the app, get started immediately by checking out the nearest sights and destinations to your location. The Michelin Travel app team further created unique Walking Tours for your guidance and travel directions using a navigation app of your choice. Booking capabilities for hotels, restaurants, tours, and activities are available with this app. Furthermore, favorite travel ideas of your preference for later viewing.

You can download the Michelin Travel app from the App Store and Google Play from their official website, here.

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Reviews of Customers

The most recent Michelin Travel app reviews wrote the app was “A good window into Michelin’s famous Green Guides, but the descriptions are sparse and large areas of the country (UK) have nil entries,” and that it was “Interesting and useful but, can we have the option to change kilometres to miles please, more use in the UK and US too.”

However, here is what other Michelin Travel app reviews said: “Shameful for such a great book publisher Besides listing the sites of interest, I couldn’t do anything. The map is horrible. Couldn’t zoom in or out. Map rendering time was awful. Even getting directions didn’t work.” Mostly,  Michelin Travel app reviews bordered on the negative; some reviewers complained about its “poor functionality.” Writers note that the map “ruined” their experience. Many places weren’t covered and a lot of information was missing.

How To Reach Them?

Room for Improvement

The Michelin Travel app can answer their customers’ comments by adding more places to their list. Most Michelin Travel app reviews suggest things they’d want to change or see in future upgrades, indicating that improvements are in order for this popular app service.

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