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As one of the team players in the travel industry, JustFly had been growing steadily these past few years. Since they were established 2 years ago, the travel company had always been led by David Linkletter. Being just 2 years in business, it might be assumed they are just new at doing this travel business. But, don’t be deceived by numbers, because JustFly is composed of young and innovative technological experts with years of experience in the travel market. Their goal is not to be the top, but definitely the best online travel agency that a customer would have booked with.

Their advantage is their attitude. The user-friendly team had been optimistic in providing budget yet exclusive flight tickets. As mentioned earlier, their mission is to sell low-cost airline tickets and inspire more travellers to travel. With their 4 core values: Passion, Innovation, Execution, and Dedication, JustFly has been one of the most effective and competitive travel search engines online. Let’s go ahead and dig deeper into JustFly.

How Does JustFly Work?
JustFly is a Canadian travel startup, but unlike other travel sites, they never fail to fulfill their promises. As we all know, Canadians have the habit of saying “sorry” excessively. But, not with JustFly, because they have nothing to be sorry for. The flawless travel site had been most recommended by frequent flyers, since they provide the cheapest deals, plus their customer service is surely one of a kind.
JustFly Reviews-pageHow do you book with JustFly? Customers simply just have to follow these three simple steps: Search, Compare, and Book. The web page is easy to use, since it was carefully designed to be simple and informative, compared to other travel sites that are modernized yet overloaded with unessential information.
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JustFly has travel agents who will help you out with your booking. Travellers can also access JustFly using their smartphones or tablets, since JustFly had already extended their platform to a mobile application.

JustFly Reviews from Consumers
In a short span of 2 years, the site had already made updates which means they value customers’ requests. They reshaped their business to fit their clients’ and customers’ satisfaction. Looking on JustFly reviews online, the travel company had garnered a lot of recognition. On Trustpilot, they raised an almost-perfect score of 9.1/10. We kind of expected this result. It’s the same with Feefo: comments online are all praises and recommendations of their experience with JustFly.
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How To Reach Them?

The continuous growth of JustFly had been one of the reasons you won’t see a single complaint online. But, if there was one, I’m sure JustFly had already acknowledged this and addressed the issue. Let’s give them more time and space to grow; who knows what JustFly can do in the next years? As a successful startup, will they be able to maintain or develop this travel business? Well, I guess they can.

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