Today, we will talk about the online travel agency called FlightHub. This Canada-based OTA claims to offer the best prices while making things easier for travelers. However, many people are wary of using OTAs simply because they want to make sure that their personal information is in safe hands. So, is FlightHub legit? Let’s have a look.

Why people choose online travel agencies like FlightHub

People travel for many reasons. It may be for a vacation, the annual holiday season, business, and more. A lot of travelers look forward to spending their time in a new city full of wonder and excitement. However, they can all agree that managing the paperwork and booking their flights, accommodations, and activities are the least fun factor of traveling. This is why people choose to buy from online travel agencies. With OTAs, you can easily book tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and other travel necessities in just one place.

About FlightHub

FlightHub has been in the travel industry for more than 20 years. The company began as a small office-based travel agency in Ontario. This was before the internet became widely known and used by the public. Eventually, FlightHub took the opportunity to expand their customer base. The company hired software engineers, web designers, and more travel agents. The programmers and designers helped design and maintain the websites while the travel agents improved the customers’ online booking process.

Today, FlightHub offers online airline ticket booking, hotel booking, car rentals, and they even sell cruise trip tickets.

FlightHub customer reviews

Although this company is not as popular or as big as the online travel agency giants like Expedia, Priceline, or Ctrip, I am surprised to find thousands of customer reviews online. I will post some of the most recent FlightHub reviews here to help you and other travelers evaluate how well FlightHub lives up to their promises.

Here are some reviews from TrustPilot.

FlightHub reviews 1

I have no problem with your service but wen I book flights it do not give me an option of paying for my luggage with my purchase of my ticket all at once and I have to pay for my luggage separately at the Airport. It’s just easier yo have everything payed for at the same time.

— Anetra

FlightHub reviews 2

Although my recent travel date to Tokyo was just three weeks out when I bought my ticket, using Flighthub, as a researcher by profession, I feel like I got a very good deal. Moreover, the airline they set me up with (Air Canada) was superb. I heartily recommend Flighthub to anyone needing an excellent, quick air ticket purchase free of price gouching.

— Alieo

FlightHub reviews 3

Have used Flighthub for the last 3 or 4 flights (Iceland, Norway, Paris, and Houston). They have always had the best prices and simple to use. Even had to call them to modify flight plans after it was booked. They answered immediately and offered all the available options without extra costs.

— Gianni

Below are some FlightHub reviews from SiteJabber.

FlightHub reviews 4

I would definitely go through flight hub again. Thank you. I’m glad that it was so easy because I have only flown a couple of times and it made it less stressful.

— Alexandra H.

FlightHub reviews 5

My experience was really good. I received an excellent service; very fast and in agreement with my expectations. I would recommend to a friend or colleague

— Yasser M.

FlightHub reviews 6

Was easy and smooth; no complaints. You get exactly what is advertised: it is a 3rd party that gives a slightly better price but you receive no insurance regarding flight changes or anything. Just know what you’re getting.

— Jack C.

The benefits and disadvantages of using FlightHub

If you’re the type of person who is always on the lookout for hotel promos and airfare discounts, then FlightHub is a great tool for you to use. Also, if you don’t like waiting in a queue and having to allot a few hours to talk with a live travel agent, then use FlightHub as well. This online travel agency provides some of the most sought after services by travelers and the convenience of booking everything in one place is something that might be right for you.

However, booking with online travel agencies also has its disadvantages. People who wish to consult with travel agents in person may feel uneasy with booking online. Some travelers prefer to book directly with the airline or hotel instead of buying tickets from a third-party provider regardless if the OTA has a better price. Others simply do not feel comfortable with purchasing travel essentials online.

Should you use FlightHub?

If you’re still asking “is FlightHub legit?” The answer is yes. This online travel agency can prove that their experience of more than two decades has actually helped them get better at providing reliable booking services. Customers are applauding FlightHub for making things easier and cheaper. Of course, some customers expect FlightHub to address the issues that they face. Their website is also very functional. You can easily search for flights and other travel services by simply filling up their online form, and there is no commitment required. If you want to compare FlightHub’s prices with other online travel agencies, just visit their website here. You may also contact them through their toll-free phone number 1-800-900-1431.

What do you think of FlightHub? Share with us your thoughts below!

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