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Fly Delta App Reviews mobileThe Fly Delta app is the official mobile app of Delta Air Lines, one of the largest airlines in the United States of America and the world that actually began as aerial crop dusting operation Huff Daland Dusters in 1924. Now, the app is supposed to make flying with America’s major airline an easy process as it offers the main services that you’d be able to book through its PC or desktop version.

Our Fly Delta app reviews assess the numerous features and feedback about one of the world’s leaders in aviation.

The App’s Services and Features

Fly Delta App Reviews screenshotApparently having already won awards, the Fly Delta app didn’t stop but revealed its most improved update yet: the Fly Delta 4.0, the app of which will require Android 4.4 and up. The Fly Delta app had also fixed its noticeable bugs and performance weaknesses, while other features that had been modified are the app’s “Today” which now seamlessly integrates your boarding pass into a single screen and which now reflects your current SkyMiles Medallion status. Other than this, you can follow your bag’s journey by tracking its status on a map.

The “Today” part of the app is where users can quickly access their eBoarding pass and check out the most important day-of-travel information. Mainly, the Fly Delta app will allow the fast and easy searching of either domestic and international flights with Delta, and the choice of specific details about your flight such as seat selection, priority boarding, inflight Wifi, and more.

On the Fly Delta app, you can track your flight’s status, constantly being updated and notified about any changes through their “Feed” feature.

The Fly Delta app can be downloaded for users’ iPhone, iPad, and Android, here in this link from the airline’s official website. Read more about the Fly Delta app, through this link.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Fly Delta App Reviews userFly Delta app reviews on the Google Play Store weren’t all positive, though the praises were among the most recent Fly Delta app reviews and people found the app’s recent upgrades a big help to their planning. However, regarding this news, other Fly Delta app reviews say that the changes made the Fly Delta experience more confusing because of a new interface and additional limitations.

Meanwhile, in other Fly Delta app reviews, some writers were offering suggestions like integrating car rental services into the system and returning some of the best features that were removed. Though, overall, the main impression was that of frustration and disappointment coming with the changes that the app users felt with Fly Delta 4.0.

How To Reach Them?


Fly Delta App Reviews iconThe Fly Delta app is a huge one in the business, but their recent improvements made their performance among customers actually less satisfactory. We hope that they’ll fix these unpopular issues.

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