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Origins and Ownership

Travellers to Europe can now equip their mobile devices with a unique comprehensive Europe Travel Guide app that will give them all the information they’ll need about the major European cities, places off the beaten path, and all the things that interest them during their stay. The travel guide app features information about places all over Europe, and all of these are stored in the app, accessible wherever you are without an Internet connection.

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In our Europe Travel Guide app reviews, we assess the basic features and services of the travel guide that paves the path towards Europe.

Services and Features

The Europe Travel Guide app contains in-depth guides on more than 6,000 travel destinations in Europe as well as maps both of which are available offline. It features a lively red background, large text, and a bold and basic design. On it, users have access to information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sightseeing, history, culture, hotels, bars, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, and transportation.

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You can save the favorite places, take notes, and plan trips. Sync these functions between devices. View your location in Europe with their offline world map. Basically, the Europe Travel Guide app users take the app with them as they backpack or spend a holiday in Europe and get informed on all the places they can check out or learn as they travel.

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It is available without an Internet connection, saving you from expensive roaming charges and allowing its access in the most remote places anywhere in the world. View this link from their Google Play page for a list of their European travel guides.

Reviews of Customers

On December 31, 2016, Michael Gibbs wrote in his Europe Travel Guide app reviews, “Best in its class of offline travel apps. Have been using this app for some years now and find it superb for detailed information within cities, regions, small towns and villages within Europe. Latest update solved the inactive link problem which was a real problem when navigating within the app. Great job. Thank you.”

Other Europe Travel Guide app reviews say that the app was “helpful,” and entertained them with the minutest content. All the information when offline was a help.

How To Reach Them?

Interesting and Informative

Based from the many positive Europe Travel Guide app reviews that we read, I think that this app is a beautiful and well-written one. It had been helping travellers get around and learn the most about Europe for a long time. Since it works offline, it took more time and space to download and install though it worked excellently and had “Loads of info and very helpful guides.”

If you are planning on visiting Europe, download this travel guide to read the most insightful and accurate place descriptions.

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