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In 1966, the construction of Aéroport de Paris Nord began which in the long run had been renamed to what we know today as “Charles de Gaulle Airport.” The airport was named after a French President to honour his major contributions to the country. Today, we’ll be writing a review about the largest airport in France. Take time to discover Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG).

Airport Facilities

Charles de Gaulle Airport Reviews-insideThe main international hub of France has several restrooms located throughout the airport. Shower rooms are available but not in all lounges (only some). Sleeping is allowed, but there are no designated quarters for a sleeping area. Travellers can stay connected with their free WiFi. Mobile charging areas are found in Terminals 1, 2, and 3.Charles de Gaulle Airport Reviews-facilities

In case you get lost or are looking for shops and food stores, please keep in mind that that help desks are located throughout the airport and there are about 11 of them.

Other facilities you can access at CDG are museums, pharmacy, money changers, ATM machines, chapel, spa, and salon services.

Getting To and From

Charles de Gaulle Airport Reviews-transportation-rerTravelling options transporting to and from the airport are via train, bus, and taxi. The most suggested transportation method is RER; it will take a travel time of 35 minutes for €9.75.

You can also drive, if you are coming from Paris route to A1, since the road connects to E15 which has a direct access to the airport and this will only take half an hour.

Location – Traffic – Service

CDG is located 14 miles from Paris, Roissy. Charles de Gaulle Airport serves as the access of Delta Air Lines, Air France, and other domestic airlines. It consists of 4 runways and 3 terminals; 1 is the oldest, 2 is for Air France, and 3 is for budget and charter airlines.

Airport/Terminal Map

Charles de Gaulle Airport Reviews and News

Judging through 660 Charles de Gaulle Airport reviews, the French airport got a rating of below-average (3/10). This is due to the most recent posts made by travellers. Should I say unsatisfied, since that is how it is. Tourists who flew with CDG said the airport staff were unhelpful. While, others are actually complaining over the slow lanes in the immigration area. To be honest, the feedback posted by travellers are really disheartening.

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As rumors fly, Charles de Gaulle Airport is expanding their service by developing Terminal 4 around 2025, with the sole purpose of increasing passenger capacity of the airport to 80 million.
Charles de Gaulle Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:             CDG
  • Phone Number:         +33 1 70 36 39 50
  • Website URL:  
  • Address:                    95700 Roissy-en-France, France


Let us hope that Charles de Gaulle Airport will keep themselves on track. The complaints online didn’t even affect them at all. Personally, I love this French airport. Just to let you know, they were even awarded for “The World’s Most Improved Airports;” this means CDG is open for growth. Do not forget that this year, they even ranked up to 33rd from being 48th in 2015. Kudos to the continuous success of the airport and the country’s aviation.

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