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Budgetplaces traces its origins to the idea of a 30-Euro per person per night rate at a budget hotel, which was reflected in the name of the website Barcelona30.com. This service was founded by John Erceg in 2003 as EnGrande S.L. It was followed by Paris35.com reflecting the rate of 35 Euros per night in Paris. Budgetplaces’ company slogan is “Save on the hotel. Spend on the fun.”

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Our Budgetplaces reviews look closer at this Spanish online travel agency, their official website, their main services and features, and what users think of them. We hope that these Budgetplaces reviews help.

Background, History, and More Information

Budgetplaces is an online travel agency based and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain that was launched in 2008. Eventually the different destinations were united in one website. As of the most recent Budgetplaces reviews, they work with more than 10,000 different kinds of accommodation throughout more than 1,700 worldwide destinations in 100 countries. Budgetplaces has more than 130 employees of 30 different nationalities in their offices in Barcelona, New York City, London, and Berlin.

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Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Based on 2 Budgetplaces reviews, Budgetplaces got a rating of only 5 stars out of 10. Other Budgetplaces reviews say: “Budgetplaces is one of the poorest services provided in the internet… We also tried to call them, but no one is picking up the phone, also not on the following dates. Which were very frustrating, because the next days was a kind of hotel hopping for us! I also tried to email them, but no reaction! Our trip turned out to be a horror trip! Until today they were not even refund the 136 Dollar deposits we already had to pay in advance. The hotels offered in their platform also hasn’t good reputations. Sometimes they don’t even have locks. So stay away from budgetplaces!” These reviewers discovered Budgetplaces didn’t book their hotel, then were difficult to contact. Read more Budgetplaces reviews here in this reviews website.

Their Official Website and Main Services and Features

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Budgetplaces’ official website is in English by default; currency is set to Euro and there are a lot of other currencies listed. Their site’s typical enough designed with a bold format. Budgetplaces’ most popular destinations are featured as well. On their search engine, you can search for your desired accommodation by entering the destination, hotel name, landmark, number of guests, and dates.

Subscribe to their newsletter at the middle of their homepage. You can follow Budgetplaces on their Facebook and Google+ pages.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL: budgetplaces.com
  • Contact number: +34 931 834 420
  • Contact Email:  info@engrande.com
  • Fax: +34 932 004 876
  • Head Office Address: EnGrande S.L, Central Office (Barcelona), Travessera de Gracia 17, Atico, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Concluding Words About Budgetplaces

Budgetplaces doesn’t have much Budgetplaces reviews but what they do have is a bad reputation for being unprofessional and having lousy customer service. They caused their customers various problems and kept their money even when the reservations didn’t push through; I wouldn’t recommend you try this service out.

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