If you made it to this article then you may be asking yourself “what is the best time of year to visit Australia?” Well, we’re glad you’re curious. Because we’re here to answer all your questions about visiting the land down under, with all the tips and secret spots to visit, plus the best possible airfare tickets with the help of FlightHub.

There’s nothing in the world quite like Australia. It’s a country, it’s a continent, it’s almost a world onto its own. No matter where you’ve traveled, you’ve never traveled to a country such as Australia. Wherever you’re traveling to in the world, you want to visit when the weather is warm and the flights aren’t crazy expensive. It’s only logical.

Australia is one of the world’s largest countries, there can be no doubt about that. So that means it really depends on what part of this vast land you plan on visiting. Whether you’re looking to visit amazing cities, spend time on picture-perfect beaches or take in the amazing wildlife, Australia has something to offer everyone. Here are the best times of the year to visit Australia and all its marvelous and memorable cities.

The Best Months of the Year to Travel to Australia

In case you didn’t know, the seasons in Australia are the opposite to the northern hemisphere. Summer is from December to February and winter comes in the months of June through August. So remember to keep that in mind the next time you want to book a flight to Australia with FlightHub. Obviously, the weather you could expect to receive depends on the region you plan to visit. So remember, choose wisely!

Southern Australian cities such as Adelaide and Melbourne have summer temperatures that are around the low seventies. Winters are usually pretty cold. If you plan to visit the south of Australia during the winter, remember to pack warm clothing. In the northern region, cities such as Darwin are in the high seventies during winter and have almost no rain whatsoever. Summers, however, can be extremely hot, with serious heavy rain.

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