8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag

For frequent flyers, the term Jet Lag is a common problem. Though, not all travellers know what is Jet Lag, but unawarely had experienced it several times.

Anyone who flies through multiple time zones has to experience the inescapable pain called “Jet Lag.” In psychological sleeping disorder terms, this is called “circadian rhythm disorder,” but the rest of us know it as Jet Lag.

Don’t prematurely condemn yourself to Jet Lag. You can’t avoid jet lag, but you can prevent it; you can minimize the symptoms too. Today, be prepared and list down these 8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag.

1. Flight is use to Rest & Reset.
8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag-rest-and-reset

In-flight movies are good for one thing: to feel sleepy and literally fall asleep without finishing the movie. With a few hours of sleep during the transatlantic flight, you’ll be functional the day you land. The moment the pilot announces the new timezone, reset your mind along with your wristwatch. Don’t get caught by the time zone you have back home. Follow the current time zone. Believe me, this was effective to most of the travellers and tourists.

2. Alter your Eat and Sleep Schedules.
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People with complicated schedules with eat and sleep suffer the worst jetlag, so if you always eat your dinner in front of Eastenders and go to bed at 11 on the dot, you’re in trouble. If you are more flexible about such arrangements, start with an adaptive but natural advantage.

3. Melatonin
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A hormone also sold as a supplement, it acts as a natural hormone and regulates the body’s resting or sleep-and-wake cycle. Our actual levels rise after dark, peak overnight, and then fall first thing in the morning. Some studies prove taking melatonin has been shown to help fight travellers’ greatest foe: jet lag.

4. No Alcohol
8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag-no-alcohol

Alcohol. This part must be self-explanatory since alcohol has a roller coaster effect on almost everyone. It may increase tiredness and also cause dehydration which will obviously be a problem upon arrival.

5. Lavender Oil8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag-lavender oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil. Lavender oil has been proven to be a sleep enhancer and it really helps a lot for you to feel at ease more than in distress. Studies done by psychologists had shown and proven that lavender oil acts as a mild sedative, promoting deep sleep which leaves us feeling more refreshed the next day. There are other kinds of essential oils, but reviewers strongly suggest lavender oil.

6. Leave the Sleeping Pills Alone.
8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag-sleepingpills

This will just leave you anxious as to when you will feel the effect of the pills. In relation to the first tip, sleeping pills will just leave you feeling fuzzy even upon arrival. But, of course, if you are having a long-haul flight, you should definitely sleep or rest. Other alternatives to sleeping pills are teas. How about a nice camomile tea? But, no to sleeping pills, as much as possible; No. Bottom line: they’re not worth it.

7. Soak up the Sun.
8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag-soak-up-the-sun

How about after arrival? Normally, you’ll feel sleepy on the day after your arrival. Grab this moment to take a rest, but you should have slept as much as possible the night before. It’s always nice to start your day right and brightly. As to Dr. Schenck once said, “To keep awake, get bright light early in the day by turning on a bright lamp or taking a walk in the sunshine”

8. Exercise
8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag-exercise

Boost your endorphins by doing some exercise, regular of course. Having a healthy and fit lifestyle is the best tip for you to avoid jet lag and even save yourself from doing these 8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag.

Pro Tip: I hope these 8 Tips on How To Fight Jet Lag were able to help you out in some ways if you’re planning to visit different destinations around the world; though, make sure to do your research first. Also, try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com, JustFly.com or Expedia.com.

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