Flights usually sell for higher when purchased near the departure time, but there are 5 Tips on How to Get Cheap Flights Last Minute that will save you when you really need to fly without breaking the bank.

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Get an idea of cheap airline tickets by using flight price comparison websites which will compare many sources of plane ticket rates in an instant. These can give you a headstart on which airlines are offering the cheapest deals when you are looking for booking. Another easy way to get an actual flight at the last minute is to use up your frequent flier miles when you really need them, i.e. a cheap flight last minute. Not many people are aware of this trick, familiar with going all the way with planning their frequent flier miles trips, yet airlines will readily accommodate a passenger looking to pay with the airline’s frequent flier miles even for a last-minute flight. Here, we gathered the most useful insider travel hacks for effective hunting for cheap flights at the last minute.

1. Be flexible when and where you’re flying

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We know that even your last-minute flights need to be reasonably planned – when and where you’re going – even if your main priority is snagging those tickets at their cheapest, but if you really want to get a cheap flight, prepare for the trips that’ll fit your budget that have long layovers or early or late boarding times; it pays to sacrifice something for big savings.

2. Wait for the last minute

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Wait until the last minute to book your flight; some major airlines wait for this moment to get rid of their undersold seats to fill up the plane. In this case, instead of booking your trip on the weekend for the next weekend or so, book between Monday to Wednesday, especially on Tuesday, at 3 pm Eastern Time: the period when airlines are matching their competitors’ prices.

3. Choose to bundle up

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Akin to not being too fussy about your itinerary, getting a bundle or a flight+hotel package with an online travel agency or brick-and-mortar travel agency will give you deep discounts on vacation experiences you hadn’t considered. The times when people are cancelling their plans – cancellation holidays – are another opportune time to book with a package holiday company.

Another trick is to go for refundable tickets; that way, you can cancel and repurchase the cheaper flight when the price drops.

4. Be aware

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Some major airlines will sell their cheap flights months in advance, so you won’t have to wait for the last minute. Sign up to airlines’ newsletters, price alerts, and follow their social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on their latest discounts.

5. Click away

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Clear your cache or browsing history, or go in incognito mode browser when browsing for cheap flights. The more people searching at the same time, airlines will jack up prices for the most-searched flights as you go. When booking as a group, book a few hours apart; search for flights individually for each person.

Flying cheap is possible at the last minute with all the travel hacks we gathered. Now, your booking period has become more flexible, including the times nearest to the departure and you know that savings are possible for flights at the last minute.

5 Tips How to Get Cheap Flights Last Minute airplane

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