This coming Thanksgiving, never ruin a once-a-year holiday just by bringing up a topic you shouldn’t be discussing. This annual gathering for families shouldn’t be remembered in the wrong way. Of course, everyone’s starving for a turkey this Thanksgiving, that being hungry makes someone really emotionally and easily irritated. The purpose of this article is to make us aware of these 5 Things Not to Discuss At Thanksgiving!

1. Religion5 Things Not to Discuss At Thanksgiving-Religion

Since this is not a religious holiday like a feast of a saint or the birth of Jesus, do not start comparing each other’s beliefs in righteousness. We are fully aware not all families have one religion. So, why start an argument where no one will actually lose or win? You should be giving thanks. So, just be thankful.

2. Politics
5 Things Not to Discuss At Thanksgiving-politics

Yes, we know you are not a fan of Trump or may be too sad for Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Don’t bring it up while on the table – not just particularly on the election, but we in general: DO NOT start with something about taxes, war, abortion, laws, and the unemployment rate. This is not the right time to debate your opinions or look down at someone else’s opinion contradicting yours.

3. Family Scandals
5 Things Not to Discuss At Thanksgiving-family-scandals

Do not push the red button. This is not a family reunion for you to embarrass a family remember and be the show stopper. It’s a holiday for you to celebrate not to start something that will make you cussing each other at the table. If you have some problem with a relative, not on this day. That’s being impolite, immature, and inappropriate.

4. Comparing Past Thanksgivings
5 Things Not to Discuss At Thanksgiving-comparison

Of course, we all have the it-was-better moments. Do not depress people’s efforts to prepare for Thanksgiving just because you felt happier in a past event or gathering. Things should be different as they are; you should never compare at all costs. Because, it hurts; it’s not even being thankful at all.

If that’s really the case, better keep those thoughts to yourself.

5. Money
5 Things Not to Discuss At Thanksgiving-money

The root of all evil. Yes, it’s the main reason why we can sit down every Thanksgiving and have turkey. But, it is wise not start talking about money, budget, finances, bills or anything related to money, because this won’t do any good. This is not the time for complaining about being underpaid or for a member not giving an equal share for this event. Again, it’s the only time of the year that everyone should be thankful. Not everyone has enough.

You don’t own all the problems in the world. Everyone has got something to be thankful for (not to be boastful of). There’s a line between “thankful” and “boastful.” Be sensitive and smart by not starting an unwanted discussion.
5 Things Not to Discuss At Thanksgiving-turkey
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