5 Famous Blue Holes in the World

According to Wikipedia, a blue hole is a large marine cavern or a sinkhole which is open to the surface and had developed in a bank or island composed of carbonate bedrock. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_hole). In this article we’ll see past through how science had explained it and see the beauty of the 5 Famous blue holes in the world!

1. Blue Hole of the Red Sea
5 Famous Blue Holes in the World-blue-hole-red-sea

The blue hole is located on the coast of the Red Sea, a few kilometers north of Dahab, Egypt. Well. it’s actually famous for being the second largest deepest blue hole in the world at 130 meters. Though this infamous blue hole had claimed the lives of a hundred divers who tried to find the “The Arch”, (tunnel through the reef) it was said to connect the blue hole to the open water at about 52 meters deep which was extremely deceptive.

Apart from that, legends said the blue hole was cursed by the ghost of a lady who drowned herself there to escape from an arranged marriage. The first list on our 5 Famous blue holes in the world is the most dived一almost everyday by recreational divers and is a hotspot for freediving because of the depth directly accessible from the shore and the lack of currents.

2. Blue Hole of Gozo
5 Famous Blue Holes in the World-blue-hole-gozo

The Blue Hole is located on the west coast of the island of Gozo, Malta. It is a 20-meter deep and 10-meter wide hole in the bedrock of the cliff. Underwater, the blue hole is connected by a tunnel to the open sea. This is the only blue hole that will connect you to Azure Windows, a huge natural arch in the sea cliffs, a breathtaking Gozitan view. It is best to visit and dive as tourists early in the day. The blue hole is a good dive for all levels of divers as there are several depths and routes to choose from.

3. Hoyo Azul
5 Famous Blue Holes in the World-hoyo-azul

This natural beauty in Punta Cana had been recently well known for its 2-Hour Ecological Tour where it included their Farallon Zip Line in Cap Cana and ended up to this sight-to-see blue hole called “Hoyo Azul” which means Blue Hole in Spanish, since people of Punta Cana use Spanish as their main language. Going back to Hoyo Azul, this natural lagoon of crystalline, azure waters is found at the base of a towering cliff. Some tourists had even posted a review on TripAdvisor saying the cold water of this cool site is magnificently out of this world. Another fact about this place: Game Of Thrones was once filmed here for the scene where Khal Drogo married Daenerys.

4. Dean’s Blue Hole
5 Famous Blue Holes in the World-dean-blue-hole

Let’s get down to business: Dean’s Blue Hole holds the record as the world’s deepest known blue hole since most blue holes and sinkholes only reach a maximum depth of 110 meters. This popular blue hole found near Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas plunges more than 200 meters. Looks can be deceiving. Dean looks roughly circular, with a diameter ranging from 25 to 35 meters. But as you dive, the hole widens to 100 meters. Tourists and divers had compared Dean’s Blue Hole to a salt-water swimming pool with warm and calm waters. But beware of immediately diving since the blue hole is populated by snappers, jacks and colourful tropical fish, patrolled by a school of silver-plated tarpon and visited by curious rays, turtles and tiny seahorses.

5. Great Blue Hole
5 Famous Blue Holes in the World-great-blue-hole

Last on our list is the most famous of all the blue holes mentioned above. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Great Blue Hole located 70 km from the mainland of the country in South America known as Belize. The blue hole actually lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef and was formed between 150,000 to 15,000 years ago. It’s also a world renowned diving destination for scuba divers who want to dive in crystal-clear waters and see myriad species. Unlike Dean’s Blue Hole, the Great Blue Hole is circular with a diameter over 300 meters across and is 125 meters deep, and it’s part of the larger Barrier Reef Reserve System, a World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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