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5 Best Draft Beers in the US-prayer-draft-beerBeer lovers: put away your bottles, forget your favorite brand of beer. You know in life there are things we should experience first-hand. And, this kind of first time won’t definitely be the last. It’s more quintessential to try draft beers too, pal. It takes a real beer lover to try all sorts of beer. Today, we’ll give you the 5 Best Draft Beers in the US!

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There are several things to do in Pittsburgh, and trying their draft beers is actually one of them. Pittsburgh is a city in Pennsylvania with a very rich past and a good record of beers that can cure ales. The most common places where you can experience their finest draft beers are at Fat Head’s, The Sharp Edge, Le Mardi Gras, Kelly’s Bar and Lounge, and Church Brew Works

2. Portland, Oregon
5 Best Draft Beers in the US-portland

Of course, the place known as “BEERvana” is Oregon, with the highest-listed bars on last year’s “Draft Magazine’s 100 Best Beer Bars in America.” Some of them are APEX, Bailey’s TapRoom, Bazi Bierbrasserie, Belmont Station, Imperial Bottle Shop & TapRoom, and Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern. More than draft beers, Oregon got the 2nd spot for the best bar-hopping growing state in US. Just so you know, they have 206 brewing companies operating 246 brewing facilities in 72 cities.

3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5 Best Draft Beers in the US-philadelphia-pennsylvania

Yet another city in Pennsylvania got on the list. Philadelphia was also known for being the “best beer city in America,” with its region’s wealth and its nationally-recognized breweries. The best bars you can try to visit are Belgian The Headhouse, City Taphouse, The Grey Lodge Pub, Tony’s Place, and Beer Yard. Even the smallest or basic-area bar in Philadelphia will give you the nice poured pint you deserve. Believe me: it won’t ever be a waste to try draft beers in Philly.

4. Richmond, Virginia
5 Best Draft Beers in the US-richmond

Know the place where the Draft Doctor resides. Yes, you read it right, Richmond cures your ales with their draft doctor. This city in Virginia is actually popular for its cider scene and brewing. Did you know there’s also a beer bar inside an old fire house? It is actually located at the Shockoe Bottom section. Also, you should definitely check these: Once Upon A Vine, Capital Ale House, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Legend Brewing Company, and Strangeway Brewing.

5. Nashville, Tennessee
5 Best Draft Beers in the US-nashville

In Nashville, breweries are actually one to talk, since breweries just keep popping up that you just have to keep up. Their taste of draft beer is actually more focused on local flavors. The frequently-visited ones are Corsair Artisan Distillery & Taproom, Broadway Brewhouse, Yazoo Brewing Company, and The Filling Station. As stellar as Beer Sellar, Nashville really deserves the first spot.
5 Best Draft Beers in the US-baby-draft-beer
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